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Cookies Policy

 What are cookies?

Cookies are widely used tiny pieces of software (files) that are installed on a computer or mobile device when an individual visits a website. 

Cookies are used by nearly all websites and do not harm your system.

Windows Explorer, which is one of the main internet browsers, will usually store these files in a folder called ‘cookies’ in ‘documents and permissions’ on computers running Microsoft Windows.

Cookies enable websites to recognise that a user on an individual computer has previously visited the site. The cookies save some information about that user for when the person accesses the site in the future.

By using and browsing the Anna Patel Psychotherapy website you consent to cookies being used in accordance with Anna’s privacy policy. If you do not consent, you must turn off cookies or stop using Anna’s site.

Refusing cookies

Most browsers allow you to turn off cookies, but note that switching off cookies may restrict your use of the website and/or delay or affect the way in which it operates.

Managing cookies for each browser differs, so below are some links to more detailed information for some of the more popular browsers:

What types of cookies are there?

 There are four types of cookie:

Strictly necessary cookies

These are cookies that are essential to make a website work and enable features that users have specifically asked for. These types of cookies are commonly used with shopping baskets or e-billing. Without use of cookies, these features of the website could not operate.

Session cookies

Session cookies are removed from your computer when you close your browser and are mainly used to store information about the items in your shopping basket (although Anna’s site does not facilitate booking or purchase at this present time).

Performance cookies

These cookies collect anonymous information about users for the purpose of assessing the performance of a website. Common uses include well-known web analytics tools such as Google Analytics .

At Anna Patel Psychotherapy we use Google Analytics to monitor website traffic levels, search queries and visits to the website so we can see which web content is popular with users. Google Analytics stores a user’s IP address (anonymously) on its servers in the United States, and neither Anna Patel Psychotherapy nor Google associate your IP address with any personally identifiable information.

Google Analytics mainly uses first-party cookies to report on user interactions on this site. These cookies are used to store non-personally identifiable information. Browsers do not share first-party cookies across domains. More information about Google’s cookie policy can be read at support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245.

Functionality cookies

These are cookies that automatically remember choices that users have previously made in order to improve their experience next time they visit a website.

Targeting or advertising cookies

These cookies are similar to performance cookies, in that they collect information about website users’ behaviour. However, this information is used at individual user level to advertise products and services to users on the basis of the behavioural information collected.

Third party cookies

Anna Patel Psychotherapy uses cookies provided by Facebook (the Facebook pixel) to allow Anna to serve relevant advertisements to her website users on the Facebook platform from time to time.

Contacting us

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any matter relating to this Cookie Policy or Anna’s Privacy Policy via email at anna@annapatelpsychotherapy.co.uk