About Me


Hello, I’m Anna and I’m pleased to meet you.

I’m a UKCP-qualified psychotherapist specialising in therapy support for children, young adults and mothers in either English or Gujerati languages.

Originally from Kenya, I moved to London in 1975 and I had my four children.

Since moving to the UK, my ethnic, cultural and religious background, beliefs and traditions have been challenged, and it’s not always been easy for my family and me.

I also have first-hand experience of supporting one of my children following a traumatic experience. So I understand the feelings of maternal pain, inadequacy and frustration of not being listened to or understood by the services I’d trusted would be there to support us.

As a qualified and experienced mental health practitioner, I also know about the stigma attached to talking about and seeking support if you have poor mental health.

It’s my combined experience of being both a mother and a psychotherapist that has brought me here, to this area of study where I work to help children, young adults, mums, dads and families.