Psychotherapy support 

For children, adolescents and parents.

Psychotherapy support

For children, adolescents and parents.

Welcome to my therapy practice

Are you a parent looking for therapy support for your child? Or a young adult wanting someone to listen to your worries and issues?  Or perhaps you’re mum to a new baby or young child and looking for help with issues common in early motherhood, such as anxiety, postnatal depression or feelings of overwhelm?

I can support you all.

Therapy for children

Are you feeling worried or confused about your child’s behaviour or mood? Perhaps your child is having sleepless nights or refusing to go to school? Or maybe your child is having issues around food? If you and your family are going through parental separation or divorce, you might be concerned about how this will affect your child.

I can work with you and your child, separately or together, to help you feel more confident in supporting your child with whatever issues they may have.

Therapy for young adults

If you’re a young adult, you’ll be going through lots of physical and emotional changes right now. Teenage years are full of exams, decisions and pressure from friends to do things you may not want or feel ready to do. 

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, are self-harming or have issues around food, drugs or alcohol, don’t struggle on alone. We can work together to sort things out.

Clinical supervision

I provide clinical supervision to professionals who work with children and families.

These include colleagues who practice psychological therapies, counsellors, social workers, nursing, professionals in education settings, students on counselling courses and various organisations that work with children and families.

Therapy for mums

When you’re mum to a baby or young child, it can be a difficult time. A traumatic birth, the pressure to be ‘perfect mum’ and a huge dose of sleep deprivation on top can leave mums feeling lonely, exhausted and overwhelmed.

If you’re feeling this way and can’t see how or when things will get better, do get in touch. As a parent, I can relate, and as a qualified therapist, I can help you get back on track and start enjoying life again.