What my clients say

I value and cherish any feedback I receive from my clients, I am always happy to share testimonials anonymously

Here’s some of the recent feedback I’ve received from clients.

I want to say thank you to Anna again and again for helping me feel like the me that I would like to be. I Iike going to school now and have made 3 very good friends

Katie, 11

Anna is so kind, open and caring. I don’t feel shamed and blamed any more. In fact, I would say confident, knowing who I am and not needing to pretend who I’m not.

Jonathan, 14

Anna is a thoughtful and sensitive therapist who listened to me and sat patiently whilst I often confronted her with my angry outbursts. It has taken some time but after few months of therapy I feel like I have got to know myself better and am able to make realistic decisions and choices now.

K. Lerner, 16

Thank you very much for your support. Your intercultural awareness and approach really benefited in understanding the issues between myself and my daughter. It has brought us much closer.

S. Jackson and daughter P

Our daughter saw Anna after she started feeling anxious, having trouble sleeping and refusing to attend school. Following a weekly programme of therapy, she was able to manage her anxiety and calm herself down. Most importantly started attending school. Anna provided us with guidance so we were better able to provide the support my daughter needed. We have our bubbly fun-loving, 8- year-old daughter back. 

Mr and Mrs Sobel